Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Know What It Feels Like

I had a good work out today. I did. It consisted of 50 minutes of cardio. (elliptical for 45 and stair master for 5)  Then I tried to use the weight training machines and no go. I felt lost and utterly confused by the whole area. I looked over to all the fit women who were using the machines without a second thought. That was when I realized that I do need a personal trainer to help me get started, and to keep me accountable. I was thinking that one lesson a week for a few months would be a good way to start (I can't spend too much on the lessons) I know the trainer and I am sure that he would be ok with only one lesson a week and he write out that I need to do for the rest of my days. I have 60ish pounds to lose. I am currently at 198 and only being 5 foot 6 inches I am WAY too heavy. I had my body fat measured and it is at pathetic 34.7%. I want to be lean. I do NOT want to be skinny - I WANT TO BE LEAN. There is a huge  difference. But I digress, I remember being thinner and still wanting to lose more weight. I remember my body being able to push out for hours without even struggling. I remember swimming for an hour everyday when I was a lifeguard (I was 16) and loving every minutes of it. I remember treading water and not struggling.

I remember what it is like to be closer to my goal, and now I know what it is like to be so far away from it that it feels unreachable. It is reachable though, I just have to push. No excusses, just do it.

Good Luck,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Other Options

Good Morning. It is still morning and boy is it a good one. I woke up at 8 am and went to the gym. I'm sure you aren't surprised. I did 55 minutes on the elliptical - 30 on cross training and 25 on Glut. I am a huge fan of high resistance on the elliptical, I work harder.

Pre-workout snack (8am) was a hand full of Cheerios. (Yes, I know it isn't the best but I am working with what I have at home. I will grab groceries on Thursday)

Post-workout meal (10am) was 2eggs with 1 tbsp of cottage cheese and 1tbsp of salsa. (I love salsa!)

(12pm) 3oz lean steak with 1/2 cup of rice and  1/2 cup of  broccoli (yum) and 1/4 cup cheese.

(2pm) Chocolate Protein Shake (1% milk, 1tsp peanutbutter, chocolate whey protein powder)

(4pm) 1 cup black beans

(6pm) 3oz Tuna with 1tbsp of olives

Tasty huh? Small meals throughout the whole day will help keep my metabolism going.

I am looking forward to my 6am workout session tomorrow. My legs will be getting worked out like no other! Hello Quads, Hams, Calves and Glutes!

Keep Pushing!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Post- Workout

Ground Turkey
Cottage Cheese

Pre-Work out

3 Tbsp Spaghetti

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post Title Here

I work at a bakery. I work at a gym. I want to  lose 60 lbs. Again, did I mention that I work at a bakery? I worked up a good sweat this morning before work and am very glad I did because I am worn out at the moment. I know it will get easier but I work tomorrow morning at 6 am and will be working out the minute I am off the clock. I can't wait to do some weights!  Back to working at a bakery. I am no longer a fan of sweets. Actually, I am disgusted by them. I have worked ther for two days now and am officially no longer a fan of sweets. I preped about 400+ cookies today. Needless to say I won't have a cookie for a very long time. This is helping me though, I won't want something I can't even stand the smell of.

On a happier note-

I went gorcery shopping today and grabbed a whole bunch of ground turkey! I pre-cooked 20oz of it and had 4oz with medium salsa with a sprinkle of cheese with avocado for lunch. IT WAS AMAZING! I stayed strong and didn't eat anything bad.

Complete Meals For The Day:

Breakfast/Pre Workout - Half a banana
Mid Day Meal/ Post Workout - 4oz ground turkey with salsa, cheese, and a slice of avocado
Lunch - 4oz ground turkey with salsa, cheese, small tortilla, Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt
Dinner - 5oz flounder, lettuce salad with light ceaser dressing, shredded cheese

** Yes, I know that needs to be cleaned up but I think I did pretty well **

5 AM wake up tomorrow morning - need 8 hours of sleep.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Morning

This morning has been interesting. I had whole grain Cheerios for breakfast and did way too much Cardio. (I was stuck at the gym). I was on the elliptical and uped the resistance so I did get a good leg work out. Lunch was very excitting though. I had 3oz of grilled chicken and 2 eggs, salsa, a sprinkle of shredded cheese and avocado. It was excellent! I also had a Nature Valley fruit and nut bar. I needed more carbs. I will be weighing and measuring myself tomorrow morning. I need to start keeping actual track of my progress. I am dancing around the 190s. I am 5 foot 6 and should not be more than 160. I will get down to 160 by November. I plan on joining on my birthday (Nov 26th) and ripping my body. My goal is to be on Oxygen Magazine as a success story. To help show women that yes, you can do it. I need to create a shopping list for groceries and I will add it on here.

Good luck.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Keeping it Clean

I have finally gotten myself back in the kitchen. As you can see, I am making yummy, healthy dishes. I feel fantastic. My body is responding very well to the work outs and I feel leaner and stronger everyday. When I use the elliptical I increase the resistance as high as I can while still being able to move at a decent speed. I was dripping sweat and it was great. I also did Lat Pull downs and Rope Tricep Pressdown and Reverse Crunch.

=) I can't help but smile because I feel great.

Tomorrow will be all about legs. (Pray for me!)

The meal to the left is very easy to make. It includes: spring lettuce mix, grilled chicken, salsa, onions, avocado, shredded sheese.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

So it begins.


Can  I just say that I feel fantastic? I will start my training tomorrow and can I just say that I am looking forward to not being able to walk?

My week will look something like this

Cycling 5:30 AM Mon, Weds, Fri
Cycling 6:00 PM Tue and Thur

For Weight training:
Barbell Squat
Push Up
Hip Raise with feet on Swiss Ball
Cable Row to neck with external rotaion
Reverse crunch
Prone cobra
(2-3 sets with 10-12 reps 1min rest)

That actually isn't as much as it seems. I have had harder weeks!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Why not?

2012 will be my year. I plan on traveling to two specific locations next year and can not wait to do so.

Desert Elephant  - Africa

Who doesn't want a hand in saving elephants. I don't mean just sending money, but getting down and dirty building walls to protect the elephants and gather information to help their preservation. Two weeks in Africa sweatting it out and helping a worthy cause.

WWOOF - France

WWOOFing. I have been wanting to do this for years. Really. I smile at the thought of building relationships with people who are nothing like me. It is basically a labor exchange. You go and stay with a family, on their property, eat what they eat, and work with/for them. This is an excellent and very cheap way to travel to new places and emberse yourself in the culture. There are many things you miss out on when you go to a countries tourist attractions. There is more to a country than a national monument. I actually want to find a family I can become part of and go back to every year. Crazy? No. Who wouldn't want family in France to go visit every year? I will be going for two weeks, maybe three if work permits. I plan on taking hundreds of pictures and meeting as many people as possible. Life is about living, and I consider living - making an impact on people. I will be grabbing menus and napkins and coasters and everything I can possibly get a hold of to help me remember (and scrapbook) my trip. It will be life changing and I am ready for it.

My sudden need for travel is based on the fact that I am 22 and haven't been out of the country since I was 14. I REFUSE to be 30 and look back on the last 10 years of my life and not be proud or happy about anything. I want to have stories to share with my children and their children and hopefully their children's children. So many people live their lives without living and I do not want to be one of them. I have the means to have a great life and plan on taking advantage of it.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


   Seduction is manipulation wrapped in a lace bow. Both men and women fall victim to the seduction techniques of someone who knows how to use them. A simple half smile, or a look of longing will pull the weakest person into the depths of desire, with no hopes of ever escaping.

   Many argue that seduction is only good for getting people into bed, personally I think it is good for every aspect of life. Should you use it in every aspect of your life? NO. Can you? YES.

   If you change the word to convincing, then it no longer has the negative conotation of sexuality added in. But in actuality it still does.

   What do I find sexy? I honestly find intellegance and characater sexy in a woman. (No I am not attracted to women) In a man I like intellegance, character, and guts. A man who isn't afraid to do something crazy is always sexy. But that is just me.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boy Do I Miss It.

It has been a long time since I have worked in the cosmetic industry and I find myself missing it terribly. I have never gotten a greater satisfaction then when I would make other women feel more beautiful then they felt when they walked in. I worked at Walgreens as a Beauty Advisor for two years and loved it. I would use my magazine addiction to keep me in the know about all the products and their results. I used my discount way too often and had so many products at home that I started giving them away. I have learned how to maintain my youthfull appereance until I'm 80 (most of the work is done for me through eating properly and working out). I also worked at Sephora for a year. Now give me a second to remember the joy I felt working at Sephora. The smell alone excites me! Sephora really solidified my love for cosmetics and skincare. They actually sent me to classes to learn proper application techniques and skincare facts. Please, do not ask me about skincare because I will NOT shut up. I helped a few brides to be and almost cried when one showed me a wedding pictures with the make up I had picked out for her and the look I created for her. BEAUTIFUL.

I miss it and want to get back. The biggest lesson I learned was this, it is all in the ingredients. I will expand more on that later on.

Drink 8 cups of water and have 8 hours of sleep!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Crazy Good

 Is it crazy to want to look this good?

For a long time I have wanted to have this hard of a body, but both I and my life have gotten in the way of that.

Now is the time to make it happen. I am no longer going to let my commitment to myself come second to ANYTHING in my life.

I have done it before. I have gotten up at 4 am and worked out for an hour doing nothing but cardio. Then in the afternoon I would do weights. Yes, I know that is a bit backwards and am planning on switching it up.

I am a strong believer in eating clean. I have decided to not consume any alcohol until my training is complete. I'm not a big drinker anyway, so it won't be hard to live without it.

I also believe that eating well will do 80% of the work for you. You can try all you like to maintain a body like that while eating mcdonald's but it won't happen. Many argue that calories are calories, but wouldn't you rather have actaul food instead of a candy bar? I can not think of anything tastier than a spring lettuce and spinach mix with cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots, and backed chicked strips. Don't deny yourself either. If you crave say Chicken and Sausage Alfredo like I do, have it, in a small portion. I will start posting recipies that I enjoy both cooking and eating that are easy to make for those who have children, spouses and jobs, but still want to eat well. 

Working out isn't just about looking good. You will feel AMAZING. I have never felt a stronger high than when I nearly kill myself at the gym. The endorphes make me happy, but the satisfaction can not be beaten. I remember my first cycling class like it was yesterday. The burn was so intense, but so was the high. I am a huge fan of cycling, cross fitness, and boot camps. The harder the better. I tried Zumba and it wasn't for me. I do agree that it is fun, but honestly, when I work out I want to WORK OUT. I do not want to dance. I want to tear my muscles to pieces and burn out my lungs. I am a fan of weight training too.

I am a strong believer in weight training, especially for woman. There are a few studies boosting that weight training helps maintian bone density. As we all know women lose bone density after they age, especially after giving birth to several children. I hate hearing mother complain about not having enough time to work out. All you need is 15 minutes. Try it. Try a high intensity interval  for 15 minutes and tell me you aren't sweating. Once you start your body will crave the sweat, the burn, and you will want to give into it. I say go for it. It is a better alternative to giving into the Snickers bar at the check out counter.

One last thought. Don't let anyone EVER tell you that what you are doing is unattainable. That eating clean is stupid, and that not drinking makes you boaring. Focus on what you want and what makes you happy.

Below is an excellent example of interval training.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Working Hard

Dear women of the world,

   Who ever told you that the only thing that matters is your personality and your morals lied. The way you present yourself is extremly important. Try going to a business meeting where the head of a company is wearing jeans, will you take them seriously? Try listening to a woman ramble about nutrition and she herself if a hundred pounds over weigth. Now, I'm not stick thin, or D cupped, but I know how to dress my body. I know what colors to use around my eyes to make them sexy, or innocent if need be. I know how to style my hair to go along with the event that I am attending, and know how firmly to shake a hand. Caring about your looks isn't about covers your face in gunk, or wearing clothing that are too revealing. It is about taking what you were given and making it better. Taking care of your body is important, but ladies, your curves having curves isn't sexy. Science says that men prefer women with curves, only because that means that you will have healthier children, hopefully males to carry on his seed. Curves are curves, but rolls are NOT a sign of health and it can actually lead to a horrible pregnancy and a very unhealthy baby. Think about it. Care about yourself, your man, and your children. Be honest too, who doesn't feel good in a new outfit that turnes heads?


She Works Hard

Fly Away

This is why being in shape is so important. Beautifully constructed clothing like this always put a smile on my face. The lines are beautiful and the movement is unforgettable. The shade of Navy Blue is also perfect, elegant and coy, without being trashy. The low cut back can lend it self to many occasions; picnic, dinner, dance, etc.

I would wear this.

My day in this outfit would begin by putting my hair up into a messy side bun, with my bangs flowing freely over the left side of my face. I would wear small diamond stud earrings and my normal make-up, natural is key, we do not want to take away from the outfit. I would wear the beige, studded, bow flats and a silver Bengal bracelet. My nails would be red and my lips a soft shade of peach (as my lips naturally are).

I would go to the zoo to start my day. Walk around, taking in the sites and the sounds. Watch the children become ecstatic when nearing an animal enclosure. Smile, because I can not wait to have my own children to bring to the zoo. Sit under a tree and write out lesson plans for the 2nd grade class I hope to have one day. Take pictures of everything around me. Enjoy the morning with no hurry, no urgency, no need to cut in front of others. The smile on my face would never fade, nor would the joy of being outside, in the sunlight. Eventually I would begin reading whatever book is in my purse, because yes, there is always one in there. The edges would be doodled on and certain words and phrases would be underlined. Without a fact this would be one of the happier days in my life. It would be so for two reasons. One, I am in love with the outfit I am wearing, it makes me feel free as a bird. Two, I love the zoo, the animals in it, and the children who go to enjoy it everyday.

I am determined to take at least one trip to the zoo this summer.

After spending my morning and most of my afternoon in the zoo, I would probably find a park to go and enjoy the rest of the sunlight. Lay down a blanket, read my book or listen to music. Maybe even just stare at the sky and think of nothing.  Dinner time would eventually roll around and I can not think of anything better than Vietnamese food. I am a tremendous fan of adding the peanut butter soy sauce mix into my noodle bowl, along with the fish sauce and that spicy rooster sauce. The meal would be perfect, filling yet light. I would be able to go to a pub and enjoy chatting with new people I haven't had the pleasure of talking with before. I wouldn't drink as I have given up alcohol all together, but I would leave a tip for the bar tenders. It would only seem fair.

After the pub I would go dancing. I would stay in my outfit and enjoy a night on the town. the only addition I would make would be to turn my lips a matte crimson red. The outfit is perfect for a day of adventure. I just need to get it.


Into The Blue

Into The Blue