Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boy Do I Miss It.

It has been a long time since I have worked in the cosmetic industry and I find myself missing it terribly. I have never gotten a greater satisfaction then when I would make other women feel more beautiful then they felt when they walked in. I worked at Walgreens as a Beauty Advisor for two years and loved it. I would use my magazine addiction to keep me in the know about all the products and their results. I used my discount way too often and had so many products at home that I started giving them away. I have learned how to maintain my youthfull appereance until I'm 80 (most of the work is done for me through eating properly and working out). I also worked at Sephora for a year. Now give me a second to remember the joy I felt working at Sephora. The smell alone excites me! Sephora really solidified my love for cosmetics and skincare. They actually sent me to classes to learn proper application techniques and skincare facts. Please, do not ask me about skincare because I will NOT shut up. I helped a few brides to be and almost cried when one showed me a wedding pictures with the make up I had picked out for her and the look I created for her. BEAUTIFUL.

I miss it and want to get back. The biggest lesson I learned was this, it is all in the ingredients. I will expand more on that later on.

Drink 8 cups of water and have 8 hours of sleep!

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