Friday, July 15, 2011

Returning to Grace

Well hello there stranger!

I know it has been a while and I do miss writting, hence the return. Even if this doesn't get to anyone, I still enjoy doing it. I want to document, in a way, my changing life. I went from living at home with no drive for life, to living with a man who sucked the life out of me. Now, I have returned home and am extatic to report that I have found my drive for life and am very happy I did. Now, I am ready to return to school, get my education and do something amazing with my life. Teaching will be that amazing thing I do with my life and I am counting down the seconds until I can start.

I do not want to ramble but the best thing I have learned in the last year in a half is this:

It is better to be alone your whole life, than to be in bad company for a minute.

- Marina

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