Sunday, July 31, 2011


   Seduction is manipulation wrapped in a lace bow. Both men and women fall victim to the seduction techniques of someone who knows how to use them. A simple half smile, or a look of longing will pull the weakest person into the depths of desire, with no hopes of ever escaping.

   Many argue that seduction is only good for getting people into bed, personally I think it is good for every aspect of life. Should you use it in every aspect of your life? NO. Can you? YES.

   If you change the word to convincing, then it no longer has the negative conotation of sexuality added in. But in actuality it still does.

   What do I find sexy? I honestly find intellegance and characater sexy in a woman. (No I am not attracted to women) In a man I like intellegance, character, and guts. A man who isn't afraid to do something crazy is always sexy. But that is just me.

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