Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fly Away

This is why being in shape is so important. Beautifully constructed clothing like this always put a smile on my face. The lines are beautiful and the movement is unforgettable. The shade of Navy Blue is also perfect, elegant and coy, without being trashy. The low cut back can lend it self to many occasions; picnic, dinner, dance, etc.

I would wear this.

My day in this outfit would begin by putting my hair up into a messy side bun, with my bangs flowing freely over the left side of my face. I would wear small diamond stud earrings and my normal make-up, natural is key, we do not want to take away from the outfit. I would wear the beige, studded, bow flats and a silver Bengal bracelet. My nails would be red and my lips a soft shade of peach (as my lips naturally are).

I would go to the zoo to start my day. Walk around, taking in the sites and the sounds. Watch the children become ecstatic when nearing an animal enclosure. Smile, because I can not wait to have my own children to bring to the zoo. Sit under a tree and write out lesson plans for the 2nd grade class I hope to have one day. Take pictures of everything around me. Enjoy the morning with no hurry, no urgency, no need to cut in front of others. The smile on my face would never fade, nor would the joy of being outside, in the sunlight. Eventually I would begin reading whatever book is in my purse, because yes, there is always one in there. The edges would be doodled on and certain words and phrases would be underlined. Without a fact this would be one of the happier days in my life. It would be so for two reasons. One, I am in love with the outfit I am wearing, it makes me feel free as a bird. Two, I love the zoo, the animals in it, and the children who go to enjoy it everyday.

I am determined to take at least one trip to the zoo this summer.

After spending my morning and most of my afternoon in the zoo, I would probably find a park to go and enjoy the rest of the sunlight. Lay down a blanket, read my book or listen to music. Maybe even just stare at the sky and think of nothing.  Dinner time would eventually roll around and I can not think of anything better than Vietnamese food. I am a tremendous fan of adding the peanut butter soy sauce mix into my noodle bowl, along with the fish sauce and that spicy rooster sauce. The meal would be perfect, filling yet light. I would be able to go to a pub and enjoy chatting with new people I haven't had the pleasure of talking with before. I wouldn't drink as I have given up alcohol all together, but I would leave a tip for the bar tenders. It would only seem fair.

After the pub I would go dancing. I would stay in my outfit and enjoy a night on the town. the only addition I would make would be to turn my lips a matte crimson red. The outfit is perfect for a day of adventure. I just need to get it.


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