Saturday, July 16, 2011

Working Hard

Dear women of the world,

   Who ever told you that the only thing that matters is your personality and your morals lied. The way you present yourself is extremly important. Try going to a business meeting where the head of a company is wearing jeans, will you take them seriously? Try listening to a woman ramble about nutrition and she herself if a hundred pounds over weigth. Now, I'm not stick thin, or D cupped, but I know how to dress my body. I know what colors to use around my eyes to make them sexy, or innocent if need be. I know how to style my hair to go along with the event that I am attending, and know how firmly to shake a hand. Caring about your looks isn't about covers your face in gunk, or wearing clothing that are too revealing. It is about taking what you were given and making it better. Taking care of your body is important, but ladies, your curves having curves isn't sexy. Science says that men prefer women with curves, only because that means that you will have healthier children, hopefully males to carry on his seed. Curves are curves, but rolls are NOT a sign of health and it can actually lead to a horrible pregnancy and a very unhealthy baby. Think about it. Care about yourself, your man, and your children. Be honest too, who doesn't feel good in a new outfit that turnes heads?


She Works Hard

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