Thursday, August 25, 2011

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I work at a bakery. I work at a gym. I want to  lose 60 lbs. Again, did I mention that I work at a bakery? I worked up a good sweat this morning before work and am very glad I did because I am worn out at the moment. I know it will get easier but I work tomorrow morning at 6 am and will be working out the minute I am off the clock. I can't wait to do some weights!  Back to working at a bakery. I am no longer a fan of sweets. Actually, I am disgusted by them. I have worked ther for two days now and am officially no longer a fan of sweets. I preped about 400+ cookies today. Needless to say I won't have a cookie for a very long time. This is helping me though, I won't want something I can't even stand the smell of.

On a happier note-

I went gorcery shopping today and grabbed a whole bunch of ground turkey! I pre-cooked 20oz of it and had 4oz with medium salsa with a sprinkle of cheese with avocado for lunch. IT WAS AMAZING! I stayed strong and didn't eat anything bad.

Complete Meals For The Day:

Breakfast/Pre Workout - Half a banana
Mid Day Meal/ Post Workout - 4oz ground turkey with salsa, cheese, and a slice of avocado
Lunch - 4oz ground turkey with salsa, cheese, small tortilla, Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt
Dinner - 5oz flounder, lettuce salad with light ceaser dressing, shredded cheese

** Yes, I know that needs to be cleaned up but I think I did pretty well **

5 AM wake up tomorrow morning - need 8 hours of sleep.

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