Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Know What It Feels Like

I had a good work out today. I did. It consisted of 50 minutes of cardio. (elliptical for 45 and stair master for 5)  Then I tried to use the weight training machines and no go. I felt lost and utterly confused by the whole area. I looked over to all the fit women who were using the machines without a second thought. That was when I realized that I do need a personal trainer to help me get started, and to keep me accountable. I was thinking that one lesson a week for a few months would be a good way to start (I can't spend too much on the lessons) I know the trainer and I am sure that he would be ok with only one lesson a week and he write out that I need to do for the rest of my days. I have 60ish pounds to lose. I am currently at 198 and only being 5 foot 6 inches I am WAY too heavy. I had my body fat measured and it is at pathetic 34.7%. I want to be lean. I do NOT want to be skinny - I WANT TO BE LEAN. There is a huge  difference. But I digress, I remember being thinner and still wanting to lose more weight. I remember my body being able to push out for hours without even struggling. I remember swimming for an hour everyday when I was a lifeguard (I was 16) and loving every minutes of it. I remember treading water and not struggling.

I remember what it is like to be closer to my goal, and now I know what it is like to be so far away from it that it feels unreachable. It is reachable though, I just have to push. No excusses, just do it.

Good Luck,

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